Club Visit Region 10 Director, Gwendeline van Trikt-Rojer

On Friday, February 27th, 2020 Quota Region 10 Director, Gwendeline van Trikt-Rojer honored Quota Suriname with a club visit.

The program was as follows:
1. Launch of the 5th edition of the Stuka Prisiri Project that will run from 2020 until 2022.
2. Preparatory work session for the Region 10 Meeting to be held in Suriname from March 27th until March 29th of this year.
3. Sightseeing tour in the district of Commewijne.

The Stuka Prisiri project aims to stimulate children in developing a positive self-image and teach them to make conscious life choices. The children who are between the ages of 10 and 12, show potential in school but are not given optimal opportunities from home to develop their talents, due to financial obstacles. The Stuka Prisiri project, which Quota does in partnership with Rotary club Paramaribo Residence, offers a biweekly program that spreads over the course of two years. The program consists of a wide range of activities on teaching basic life skills and stimulating creativity. In line with this, the program also offers educational day trips and excursions to companies and organizations to become acquainted with different professions and sports activities.

The goal here is to assist the participating children to better equip themselves for life and enable them to adequately give direction to their future by positively creating and using opportunities. At the launch last Friday, our Region Director was the first recipient of the first ever developed Stuka Prisiri Handbook.
The preparation of our Region 10 Meeting is in full swing. With the arrival of Gwendeline we have been able to deliberate in detail on planning this Region Meeting. She is very enthusiastic and proud of what we as club members are doing as a team, to ensure a successful Region Meeting and also encouraged us to continue serving our target groups.

On Sunday, March 1st, we took Gwen on a tour of the Commewijne district, enabling her to enjoy the beauty of some rural parts of Suriname and the delicious food. On Monday, March 2nd, Gwendeline left to return home to Aruba.


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